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  1. I love both 100% Bella and Demons of the night. with both twilight/covenant and Twilight/lost boys don’t have many chapters that leave readers in confusion. I hope to see updates sometime soon


  2. Will you be updating anything soon. I love all your work so I’m not picky about which story any one would make me ☺


  3. Are you still having problems updating some of your stories. I really love 100% Bella and Demons of the Night they are fantastic stories and would like to continue reading them. Do you have any plans on updating them soon?


    1. I am glad to hear that you like both of those stories ;), and I am currently not working on either of those stories. 😦 I hate to say this, but my muse has taken to hiding on me when I take those ones out to shake the dust off. I do honestly mean to work on them, but we are currently in the middle of looking for a place due to the one we are living in being sold and having to pack and move, makes it very hard to find time to sit and write for any story I find a muse for let alone one I need to drag out my muse from hiding.

      I will be dragging it out again when I can, because I hate that those ones have sat there for so long, but I don’t I don’t want to rush it either and have a patch job story. Because then it would just suck.


  4. i hope your doing well and i wish you’d update your anita blake/ twilight fic. it was left on a cliff hanger and i just love that story. ur others are awesome too but that one gots a special place in my heart 😀


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